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Question: Ryan (12-14) asks…
I have a very embarrassing problem, I keep getting erections several times a day and I have no control of them. In gym class at school I get them in the showers and the other boys tease me and call me names. Is this normal in someone my age? does it happen to other boys? is there anything that can be done to stop me from having them?

Answer: Although it is normal for boys to get erections when they least expect them — and when they really don’t want them — getting one in the shower can be devastating because other boys show no mercy ;) Perhaps you should consider not showering with others to avoid their verbal abuse. There really isn’t a way to prevent erections. You should think about what you may be thinking to yourself while showering with others (for instance, does it turn you on?). Sometimes if you think different thoughts then they’ll go away.

Question: Brian (15-17) asks…
When I am in Gym, I take a look around at other boys undressing and I get my penis gets stiff. When we are in the shower, it gets even stiffer. I’m not gay, but why is it doing this?

Answer: You’re getting erections because it turns you on to see other boys undressing, and it turns you on to show them your own penis. Many people (gay and straight) get turned on by sexuality itself, regardless of the subject. True, you may not be gay, but I wouldn’t totally rule it out. You should explore in your head what really does turn you on. And like I mentioned to Ryan, above, perhaps you should consider avoiding putting yourself in that situation.

Credit: J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC Adolescent Therapist