Question: Dan (15-17) asks…
Why is it that my scrotum sometimes is loose and hanging and sometimes it’s really tight?

Answer: This is totally normal, and is a direct effect of your body regulating the temperature of sperm. When you’re cold, your scrotum tightens up to keep the sperm closer to the body, and therefore warmer. When you’re hot, the scrotum sags away from the body, and exposes more skin to keep the testicles cooler.

Question: Daniel (12-14) asks…
The other day I was masturbating and some blood or pink stuff came out with the semen, is this something I should be worried about?

Answer: Yes — I suggest you see a doctor immediately! If you see blood where there shouldn’t be any, that’s a sign that something is wrong or you hurt yourself somehow.

Question: Alex (15) asks…
Hi, I have hypospadias, and am 15. I has it repaired when I was 1 year old and i believe it is only mild. I have not gone through puberty yet, and I believe I am just a late bloomer.
My penis, in my oppinion iss very small: about an inch flacid, and about 2.5 fully erect. Will my penis grow to the average size, and does hypospadias affect the size. If so, are there ways of lengthening the penis. I am very troubled on this matter. Also what is the average size of a penis. One other problem is that i have began to grow pubic hairs at the base of my penis, how long until it starts growing? so how large is the average hypospadias penis before puberty? How long is a normal penis before puberty?

Answer:I do not believe your condition will affect your penis size. The location of the urethral opening should not affect the length of the penis. You may be a late bloomer, but I would not worry, as your penis can still grow into your twenties. There is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer, so do not be too troubled by it. Everything will work out in time, just be patient. The average ADULT penis length is 5-6″. There are NO safe ways to increase your penis size, besides waiting for genetics to take its course. Your penis is delicate, unique and complex. Surgery to try to lengthen it could have devastating affects. Having a longer penis is not worth it. What matters about the penis is how you use it, not how long it is. You can take two men, one who is above average in size, and one who is below average in size, and they can both perform poorly, or greatly, depending not on how big or small they are, but how well they know their penis, and how to use it the right way.
If you are seeing pubic hair, it should start to grow more and fill in quite soon. It is usually one of the first things you see in pubertal development. We cannot tell you how large the average hypospadias penis is before puberty, as no studies have been done about it. We also cannot tell you how long a normal penis is before puberty either, as no studies have been done about that, though one can assume that is anywhere from 1-3 inches.
All we can tell you is to be patient, as tough as it is, and you will see growth. Whatever your size is, take pride in it, use it well and be smart. You can have much fun with your penis if you know how to use it properly, no matter what the size.

Question: Armin(12) asks…
when I used to masturbate I would use soap or body wash and it would sting when I pee so then I started using astroglide Vaseline lotion and oil I did not sting when I pee after I pee is this normal or is there something wrong with me I don’t have any semen or sperm so I think that the soap dries out my penis and it stings when I pee.

Answer: Soap and body wash should not be used for masturbation. They dry out the mucosa of the urethra (inside the peehole) and they contain chemicals. The chemicals in the soaps are they reason you are feeling pain. This is normal, but we suggest you do not use soap anymore.

Question: Angelo(13) asks…
Hi I am 13 years and my pubes have grown but my penis hasent. When I’m erect its only 4 inches. and I have tried to jack off but no sperm comes out only clear stuff it that normal or when do I get sperm.

Answer:Don’t worry! It just sounds like you’re early in puberty. Growth will come, probably within a few months. You have nothing to worry about. Just be patient, and everything will be fine.

Credit: J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC Adolescent Therapist