Question: Jon (13) asks…
I’m starting to get some hair down there — Why? What’s it for?

Answer: Good question — why? The changes one goes through during puberty signal the coming of adulthood, when a person becomes reproductive (able to have babies). Nature lets us know when someone is physically ready by showing us these signs. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re really ready to have babies emotionally or maturely, but we’re able to physically have babies. Now, why do we have pubic hair? There are a couple of reasons: Pubic hair is like a billboard that nature places on our bodies that signals “hey! look over here!” to others with whom we’re intimate with. Also, all our hair (no matter where) helps to protect certain parts of our body, regulate body temperature, and/or catch our natural “scent” (called pheromones) that is produced in our sweat to attract others (of course, this “scent” can also repel others if we don’t shower often enough!). General body hair, like on our limbs and chest, is probably just a natural leftover from our prehistoric ancestors who were hairy all over to keep them warm!

Question: Ben (14) asks…
I have pubic hair up to an inch below my navel is that normal for 14?

Answer: Yes, many boys at your age (or older) will get that line of hair from their pubic region to their navel. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a name for that? ;)

Credit: J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC Adolescent Therapist