Question: Mike (15-17) asks…
I have gone through all of the stages of puberty, but still don’t have any hair under my arms! There is a little, but will it grow faster?

Answer: Your age group is typically in the 4th Stage (of 5) of puberty. This is the stage in which underarm hair typically grows, so I wouldn’t worry about it. These are the characteristics of Stage Four: Penis width increases, as well as length. Testicles and scrotum still growing. Pubic hair begins to take adult texture, although covers a smaller area. Most boys have first ejaculations. Underarm hair develops. Facial hair increases on chin and upper lip. Voice gets deeper and skin gets more oily. Normal Age: 11-17, Average: 14-15

Credit: J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC Adolescent Therapist