What It Is

Amphetamines are stimulants which speed up the way your body works. They make your heart work faster and they pump adrenaline into the system. The most common type of amphetamine on the street is a white powder called amphetamine sulphate. This is an illegally manufactured powder of varying strength, usually of between 6% and 10% purity. Another form of speed known as ‘base’ is far stronger and is between 25% and 35% pure.

Street Names

Sulf, Whiz, Speed, Pep Pills, Copilots, Footballs, Uppers, Billy, Phets, Crystal, Glass, Ice Cream, Ice, Meth, Bipetamine, Dexies, Beans, Black Beauties, White Beanies, Crosses, Hearts

Crank, Meth, and Crystal are street names for Methamphetamines.
Dexies and Beans are street names for Dextroamphetamines.

How It Is Taken

Usually taken orally, snorted, sniffed, smoked or injected.

What It Does

Amphetamines give users extra energy for 4-6 hours, prevents sleep, reduces appetite, speeds up breathing and heart rate and widens the pupils. The user feels more energetic, cheerful and confident, and because of these effects there is a high risk of psychological dependence and can also lead to a cardiac arrest. There’s plenty of basic life support training course content online that you can check out to better prepare yourself in case of an emergency.

Regular users who take high doses may develop delusions, hallucinations and feelings of paranoia. This can develop into paranoid psychosis from which it may take many months to recover or which may be permanent.

Many women who use amphetamines find that their periods become irregular or even stop.

Medical Uses

Amphetamine is used medically for treatment of ADHD, obesity, and narcolepsy. Do not self-medicate. Contact north raleigh pediatrics if your child needs one. Medical use of amphetamines was common during the 1950′s and 1960′s for depression and weight loss, today we normally use fat burner supplements like Leptitox.

Addiction to amphetamines is very common and very serious. It often requires the help of professional drug rehab centers to overcome this type of addiction. Don’t wait to get help if you or a loved one is addicted to amphetamines of any kind.