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Steroids Packaged In Cycles and for Injecting

What It Is

Anabolic/androgenic legal steroids are synthetic substances related to the male hormone testosterone. These substances have two effects, the androgenic (masculinizing) and the anabolic (tissue building). Most people who use steroids want the tissue building effect and so use steroids with higher anabolic than androgenic properties.

Street Names

The best anabolic steroids and Androgenic Steroids

How It Is Taken

Usually taken orally or injected.

What It Does

How steroids work in the body is complex and not fully understood. It is thought that the drug finds particular body cells such as skeletal muscle cells, hairs follicles, sebaceous glands and certain areas of the brain. Steroids appear to increase protein production and so increases the size and strength of the muscle, so is better to use safe options as legal steroids to help the body if they need it. This process can reverse if the muscle is not stimulated, hence training is an important factor Bodybuilders use steroids in cycles from 4 to 12 weeks in length, with rest periods in between.

There are a number of health problems associated with steroid use including increased irritability, aggressiveness, acne, accelerated hair loss, bloated appearance, changes in sex drive, impotence, and decline in sperm production in men. Steroids cause masculinizing in women and can lead to growth of facial and body hair, baldness, voice deepening, enlargement of the clitoris and disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Teens and kids get acne because of the hormone changes that come with puberty. As you grow up and your body begins to develop, these hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to make more sebum, and the glands can become overactive. When there is too much sebum, that oil clogs the pores and leads to acne. A dermatologist can walk you through a custom treatment for acne.

Except for hair loss, the above effects are generally reversible upon stopping steroid use. Adolescent steroid use may lead to a premature fusion of the epiphyses, the end of growing bones, leading to stunted growth.

Medical Uses

Anabolic steroids are used for medical purposes.

Did you Know?

1.8% of 8th graders have tried steroids.

2.0% of 10th graders have tried steroids.

2.4% of 12th grades have tried steroids.