Question: Staci (16) asks…
I am 16 and I still wear a training bra, is this normal. When will my breasts develop?

Answer: Let me assure you that you are normal — different people go through these growth stages at different rates, some girls are fully developed (physically adult) at 12, and some not until about 19. The average American White female does not reach a final stage of breast development until the age of 17 or beyond — yet the whole range is normal. Concerning breast size, heredity plays a major role, and your body build also can play a part in the size of the “finished product.” If you’re still growing, rest assured that your breasts will fill out. Try not to be bothered by any teasing you may be experiencing — you’ll get the last laugh eventually!

Question: Shelly (12-14) asks…
What makes your breasts grow and how can you speed up the process?

Answer: Breast size is mostly determined by heredity and also somewhat by body size. If you’re still growing, rest assured that so will your breasts fill out. Please read what I wrote to her. But no matter what “claims” you may see about breast enlargements, the only “cure” is time!

Question: Lisa (13) asks…
I have had my period for about a year now. My breasts are developing, but much slower than other girls. Why? Will my breast development speed up? If so, when?

Answer: If you’ve been reading the other replies, you know what I’m gonna say! I know I sound like a broken record when I say that “most people are normal” and “everyone’s body develops at a different rate.” I know it’s only a little reassuring, but it’s really tough to say exactly when something will happen as it’s not the same for everyone. You’re only 13, so you have at least four more years of growth potential! See the other responses above for more information and hang in there!

Credit: J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC Adolescent Therapist