About Puberty101.com

Puberty 101 was founded by J. Geoff Malta, MA, EdM, NCC, Adolescent Therapist. For several years, Mr. Malta provided a place on the web for adolescents and teens to ask questions and get honest and open answers about puberty. Puberty 101 soon became an important educational resource on the web.

For the past 10 years, teens and parents have visited our site to obtain information to the frequently asked questions which are asked during puberty. This has earned us the #2 spot on a Google search for the keyword ‘puberty’. What you see now is the brand new Puberty101.com site. Months of work have been volunteered by many people to update the appearance of the site, as well as the content contained within.

Who Writes the Content for Puberty101?
All of the content that has been added to the site during our makeover has been written by teens who are volunteers of the website GovTeen.com. The majority of our volunteers are staff members of the GovTeen.com Puberty Forums, and answer thousands of questions from teens each year.

Who owns Puberty101?
The site is owned and maintained by The GovTeen Network, formally known as GovTeen Inc.