Genital warts which appear several months or more after exposure are skin-colored, cauliflower-shaped eruptions and are sometimes accompanied by itching and irritation.


When symptoms are present, they are small, visible warts appearing at the tip of the penis or at the opening of the vagina. Warts can occur anywhere on the column of the penis, in the urethra, or the testicles of the male, and inside the vagina of the woman. They can also occur on the rectum.


The warts are treatable. The doctors can use a solution called Podophllin solution, trichloracetic acid, and fluorouracil cream. These are used to burn the warts off the skin. Liquid nitrogen or lasers are used sometimes. A six-month check up is necessary to confirm that all of the warts are destroyed.


The most common form of transmission is through sexual intercourse. Warts are very contagious even in people who show no symptoms.


Usually the physician can tell just by looking at the infected area whether or not you have genital warts. The doctor can also pour a diluted vinegar solution on the warts and they will turn white, which lets him know that they are present. If it is not clear than he may use a diagnostic procedure called colposcopy, which is a magnifying procedure. Also when you have an abnormal pap smear, it may indicate that you have genital warts.