Nonspecific Urethritis is an infection to the urethra, which is the urine tube that goes through to pass from the bladder to outside the body. This disease is caused by some bacteria which can be picked up from the rectum or the mouth of your partner. In some cases’ people have allergic reaction to latex or spermicide and can get the disease this way. This disease is caused by several other diseases.


In men the symptoms can be similar to gonorrhea, but usually milder. The incubation period varies but it is between one week to one month. The discharge form the urethra is thin and clear. In women the symptoms are like those of a urinary tract infection.

If nonspecific urethritis if left untreated in men, it may cause difficulty in urination and perhaps some bleeding. It can also cause the testicles to swell and be tender. If it spreads to the prostate it can cause pain in the groin.


This disease can occasionally be mistaken for gonorrhea, so the doctor will prescribe penicillin which does not treat NSU. It must be treated by tetracycline or another antibiotic.


The way you test for this disease is to get some of the discharge, which the doctor puts under the microscope to confirm if you have the disease.